Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Boho master bedroom reveal

 Our master bedroom was the 'dump all' area of our home for years.  It's somehow the place we fold our laundry, remove our shoes, change diapers, relax, and watch movies.  While for many folks their kitchen is the heart of they home, our master bedroom was ours, and I HATED it. I hated that the place I wanted to escape to or relax in was always such a hot mess. It had piles of crap everywhere and laundry bins took over the floors.  Instead of returning to my room at the end of the day to unwind I'd walk into my room and had a never ending list of more things to do.  I had to clean up my room before actually laying down to sleep. It was the worst.  So my goal in redecorating our master was more than just hanging things on the wall and making pillows.  It was actually creating a space I felt relaxed in.  It was rewriting the purpose of my room from the catch all place to my own safe haven.  
I really wanted the eclectic feel of our house to carry over into our bedroom.  I love that though everything in our home isn't matchy matchy it still flows together. It makes sense together.  So, I went with a bohemian eclectic feel.  I brought in the inspiration of things that bring me peace from the outdoors, inside our room.  I want to be surrounded by the color of water and lots and lots of plants.  Am I hippie?  Maybe.  
Wood was also a big thing I wanted to incorporate.  We were given a beautiful antique hutch which my husband refinished last year.  He uses it as his dresser, and I wanted to pull the colors from the gorgeous wood tones it has into other parts of the room.  Those brown and orange tones were what inspired our headboard.  We made the headboard using a tutorial years ago and only cost us a little over $100...and in the beginning it was a light grey faux suede.  We loved it...and then we moved into our new home two years ago and it was the exact color of the walls in the room.  It just didn't stand out anymore and so the idea to reupholster it came to mind.  Poor Mike was NOT into the idea.  But he WAS into the idea that it would only cost $20 and some elbow grease. Marrying a handyman...and a very patient man...has paid off these past ten years.

 My bed pillows were like a vision that came to life...thanks to indigo dye.  A while back I took an Indigo dying class from Miranda @livefreemiranda and I just fell in love with the process, the outcome, and the beautiful blue hues.  I made them from cotton dishcloths and an indigo dye kit.  it was so easy and the dishcloths I didn't end up using for the pillows are now residing in my kitchen. I even sewed them!!!! GASP!!! I don't sew. The end. So this just goes to show you just how cheap I am...cause I'm sure I could have found some gorgeous pillows made from mud cloth, but the DIYer in me couldn't resist saving a buck.

 I huge goal I had in my room was to be organized.  Hence the purchase of an earring and necklace holder.  To think I never had one before makes me blush with embarrassment.  Why did I go so long without these gorgeous and purposeful things?  I also I had the hubby make me some essential oil holders.  They're just a stump of wood, sanded down, with a few drilled holes and, voila! New life to an old dead piece of wood.

 Lastly are my love for plants.  My advice for newbies to the plant lady life is to invest in some snake plants.  You can find them at Home Depot, Lowes, and even Ikea!  They require low light and low water.  I only water them once a week and they do great!

Most importantly, when I talk about redoing areas of my home I have to clarify that this didn't cost me thousands of dollars.  I spent about $200 on everything from my jewelry holders to plants to new bedding.  It wasn't about getting new things per say. It was more about creating a space that I love so that my motivation to keep it looking like these photos is higher.  No, it doesn't always stay this clean but when it is this clean it's like a breath of fresh air to my soul.  That's the goal with decorating.  Creating a space that brings you joy and happiness and I finally have that in our master bedroom.

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