Tuesday, March 14, 2017

DIY Chore Chart

The truth is, I'm so new to this whole "chore chart" phase in life.  I'm a clean freak so I just do all the things that need to be done in my house.  It wasn't until little miss Daisy joined our family that I realized I couldn't do it all...nor did I want to. So, the chore chart idea came about.  

As the kids get older it's just common sense that sooner rather than later they'll need to contribute to all that needs to be tended to within our house.  They make more of a mess than I do so why are they not getting the hint as to cleaning up after themselves?  Since implementing this chore chart, not only are the girls pulling their weight around here but they also do it more willingly than they did when we would just ask.

I searched and searched for a free printable to make into a chore chart and, wow, I was so bombarded with chart after chart after chart of printables and yet, none of them was really what I was looking for.  I've got one kid who's great at reading and following direction and the other is not at that point yet.  My oldest, Remee, is really helpful around the house.  She even makes her bed here and there without having to be asked...miracles right?  Jade, my 4 year old, is stubborn and unless it's her idea she's not going to budge when told what to do.  I knew whatever chart I decided on, needed to be easy for her to understand and also a bit fun so she would WANT to do her chores.  

I finally found THIS free printable on a homeschooling website and knew it was just what I was looking for. You do have to sign up for emails in order to get the printable but hey, it was totally worth it for me. I printed the pictures off on card stock(one for each child)and cut them all out individually.  It comes with quite a few pages of chores and I excluded a few of them that weren't going to be optimal for my kids' age.  They even come with a few empty squares so you can fill in here and there as to specific jobs within your family. 

I, then, took the cut out card stock squares to OfficeMax and had them laminated.  This way they were not only protected from dirty fingers but also a bit more stable as well. This was $5 and then again...cutting them all out. I bought memo sized wood clipboards as my chart and tiny extra strength magnets to hold the chores on. Glueing the magnets was the most time consuming part of this DIY Chore Chart.  I used hot glue...nothing special, but we all know there's a plus and a negative side to any magnet, and while I thought I had glued them all on the board and papers right...I thought wrong and had to pull a few off and re-glue.  Mom brain problems.  The clipboards hold 9 chores. I glued the magnets about one inch in from the side of the clipboard and then about two inches apart from each other.  I also glued magnets to the back of the clipboard so the charts could hang on the fridge for ease...or really so my kids would see them first thing in the morning when they beg for orange juice.

The rule goes a bit like this...in the morning I put the chores on the fridge that need to be done before school.  This usually includes making the bad, getting dressed, brushing teeth, and feeding the dog.  Once they have finished their chore they can take it off the chart and put it on the fridge.  After school I put more chores on that need to be done before bedtime.  These include setting the table, doing homework, picking up toys, etc. 

This chart has been such a lifesaver for my sanity.  The girls willingly get things done and until certain things are done they know they aren't allowed to play with friends or watch shows or basically do anything fun at all. HAHA.  I've linked all the goods below for your shopping pleasure.  I hope some of you find this printable to be of help and really. more than anything, I hope your kids get to doing their chores more willingly and with a happy face.

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