Saturday, October 22, 2016

Soon, I'll Be 30 Years Old

In just two short days I'll be turning 30 and this past week I've been in a bit of a funk.  I've found myself looking in the mirror and not liking what I see.  I've had negative thoughts of not being accomplished enough.  I've felt alone and exhausted.  It sounds silly to say that turning 30 has effected me in this way.  I mean, I'm a huge birthday celebrator.  In years past I've made the whole MONTH of October my birthday, forcing anyone and everyone around me to celebrate.  This year, though, that hasn't been the case.

This morning I took some time to be alone while Daisy napped and the girls played to write down some goals and thoughts on why I've felt so down.  My main conclusion...turning 30 means I'm really an ADULT.  Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who still feels like they just graduated from High School.  And even though I have children, own a home, and have a small business I see myself as a young 20 something still figuring out life.  No one has life figured out but I'm no longer a young 20 something.

I'm going to be 30.

All of a sudden I look at myself and see lines and wrinkles that weren't there before.  I find myself tired and lacking energy.  I don't want to get ready anymore because...really who cares?  I'm a mom of three kids and who do I need to impress?  The reality worth isn't measured by my age or beauty.  I'm an honest friend, a hard worker, a valiant mother, and a fervent lover.  I give give give more than I'm capable, at times, and I continue to grow and learn through others examples.

So, I made goals to help myself feel as though I'm progressing in life and age to bring myself up.  These goals aren't anything crazy or out of reach.  They're simple, honest, and realistic goals that I know will lift my spirits along with my overall well being.  So, here they are in all their beauty...

- Eat a salad everyday.
Sounds dumb, I know, but a while ago I went a whole week doing this and my, oh my, what a difference it made.  Not only in my energy levels but in the digestion part too...if you catch my drift.

-Write a thank you note to someone once a month.
We are all grateful, there's no doubt about it, but how often do we really sit down and write out our thoughts to someone who've made our lives better and shown them some honest thanking?  I don't do it enough, so I'm making it a priority to thank those around me more often and to, more specifically, write out a note to someone with more detail.

- Finish a good book once a month.
Because I don't read enough...

- Drink 60 oz. of water everyday.
Why is it so hard to drink water.  It's near impossible for me, anyway.  So I'm upping the auntie to not only feel better but improve my skin and all that goodness.

That's it people!  Nothing too overwhelming, nothing that's impossible to accomplish.  Just simple goals that will help to realign my feelings and allow myself some peace and love.  Turning 30 doesn't have to be so bad.  In fact, I'm starting to think it'll be one of the best years yet!

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Tricia said...

Oh girl....I am having the same issues thinking about turning 40 in a few short years! Love the accomplish able goals! I need to do the same.