Friday, May 1, 2015

Exterior Before and After

True story...I just gasped in horror at how hideous this house used to be.  I honestly look back at these pictures and still see potential but I also think to myself...what in the hell were you thinking?  So here it is people.  This is the house we bought 6 years ago in hopes to fix it up and make it beautiful, and by golly we did that for sure.  Let's start with the siding.  Yikes!!! This white siding was turning yellow, chipping right and left, and was covered in I don't know how many years of dirt.  As you can also see, the shutters needed some help(hahaha I mean whatever was left of them).  I'm not really a fan of most shutters so ya... they just had to go!  The landscaping was our worst nightmare.  Every plant was overgrown and weed infested.  The grass was more like a field of dandelions and those poor trees hadn't been pruned in like a decade.  So we basically ripped almost everything out and started new.  New sod, flowers, shrubs, and to top it all off, we moved around those giant boulders.  Because really?  Who puts 5 giant boulders in the very middle of the yard?  Here are the before pictures...


This house of ours got a major re-haul.  I was really going for something that reminded me of the northwest.  I loved the two tone and contrast between the siding colors and styles.  The new windows really open up the front of the house and the roof is just so crisp and clean.  When we moved in, the house didn't have any gutters and I am so amazed at how just adding gutters made the house feel so updated.  As for the landscaping, I went with an organic feel.  I didn't want the yard to look super polished.  I wanted the shrubs and flowers to feel like they had been there forever.  They create a bit of privacy and noise blocking from the road.  I'm more than pleased with how it all turned out.  I'm also pleased that it's the sexiest house on the block!  If you want to see more of our house before and afters check them out here, here, here, and here

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