Friday, August 15, 2014

Diy Shark T-shirt

Shark Week continues!!!  Here's a really simple way to get festive.  Make yourself a shark t-shirt that's stylish enough to wear throughout the year!  Here's what you'll need to start...
A plain colored t-shirt (I got mine from Forever 21 cause they are only $3.90!!)
A bleach pen
a square piece of cardboard
a rag to dab your bleach pen on if needed
First things first, find an image of a shark you'd like to replicate.  If you're feeling really artsy, go for one that's a bit more intricate.  I chose something simple!
Next you'll want to place the piece of cardboard inside the shirt so that when you're painting with your bleach pen it won't bleed through the back of your shirt. 

Using the small side of the bleach pen, draw your design.  Remember this doesn't have to be perfect!!  After it's washed the lines will look a bit tie-dyed so imperfections are A-Okay!

Now that your image has been drawn, go back over the lines with your bleach pen as to rub in the bleach a bit.  No bleach should be coming out of the bleach pen at this point, this is just to make sure that the bleach is penetrating the fabric.  Let the design sit on your fabric for 10 minutes(or longer if you want it lighter) and then rinse with water thoroughly.  I put mine through the wash. 
If you are using a shirt from Forever 21 please keep in mind that their shirts shrink A LOT if dried.  I never put mine in the dryer.  Let it air dry completely... and... voila!  You've got yourself a sharky shirt for under $5.00!!!  Winning!!!

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