Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jade's Forest Birthday Bash

Jade turned one last week and I'm still amazed at how fast that year went by.  At the same time I feel like I barely remember the day of her birth. 
We celebrated with lots of family and friends.  I feel blessed to have so many in my life that care so much to make an effort to come out and celebrate with us.  Jade loved her birthday party.  It was forest themed, and I worked on this party for months.  Trying to figure out what food to serve and the decorations and such.  When it really came down to it, some of the food didn't turn out so great and I was too tired to finish all the original decorations I came up with.  However, I think it ending up looking pretty freakin awesome!!!  All the kids got a felt mask to play with.  I worked long and hard on those darn masks, and the kids loved them.  Success!!!!  We partied hard and had a great night.   

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