Thursday, November 21, 2013

Old Lady Crafts

For me, there's something really rewarding about crafting.  It makes feel accomplished.  Either that or it makes me feel cool cause I can make crap.  Who knows.  What I do know is when I'm walking around the dollar store and I see old lady bowls and plates my mind starts thinking of what to do with them.  I had seen this idea on Pinterest before and thought, 'eh...why not?'  So I grabbed some candle holders and those awesome old lady glass items and added them to my cart of junk! 
Below are the instructional pictures on how to make an old lady glass cake stand and an old lady fancy bowl thingy(I have no idea what to call the bowl contraption). 
 You will need:
1. Glass plate from the dollar store
2. Glass bowl from the dollar store
3. Two glass candle holders from the dollar store
4. E6000 glue(I'm shocked they sell this stuff because on the package it clearly states that they know this causes cancer and yet they still allow people to buy any rate...use it outside or in a VERY well ventilated area!!!)
 Apply glue to the top of the candle holder.  Get enough on there to fill in the details on the plate or bowl but not enough to sploog(is that a word?) out the sides and all over the place!
 Place the candle holder on the bottom of the glass plate or bowl.  Try to get it as centered as possible.  If you really want to get technical you could measure to find the center but...well...I didn't.
Allow to dry for several hours if not 24 hours before using.
 To finish the might want to bake some yummy cookies or something to really show off how old lady you are!  Your welcome!



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Anonymous said...

The bowl or plate on a pedestal is called a compote, sometimes spelled comport.