Thursday, October 24, 2013

Birthday Wishes

Today is my beloved birthday, and though it should be all about me...I can't get past how very grateful I am for my parents.  Maybe it's because I have my own little ones now that makes my birthday a little different.  I think about my kids' birthdays and what they mean to me.  I can remember bringing them into this Earth and the emotions I felt that day.  The joy they bring to my life, and the difficulties that come with raising them.  Yes, birthdays are a joyous occasion, but for a  parent they are a day of reflection.  So, today I want to thank my parents.  Thank my mother for carrying me for 9 long months.  Only to go through hours of labor to bring me into this world.  She nourished me and grew me and prayed for my well being while I was simply nothing but a tiny fetus.  She felt my first kicks and hiccups.  She knew me before anyone else did.  To my father, who rubbed my mothers aching feet those 9  months.  He delivered the food she craved and kept her as comfortable as he could.  He placed his hands on my mother's belly to feel me kick.  He spoke to my mom's belly to feel connected to me.  And on the day I was born, he was right there, beside my mom, to see me enter this world.  He kissed my forehead and loved me instantly. 
Mom and Dad, you are the best parents I could ask for.  Thanks you for allowing me to be myself and for loving me unconditionally.  The tears rolling down my face are tears of gratitude.  I can never repay you for all the hard work and patience that raising me took.  I can never tell you thank you enough.  I can never tell you how much I love you, because it just would never add up. So, on my are the reason I'm here, you made me...THANK YOU!!!!

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