Thursday, August 8, 2013

A better me!

I have days where I get deep in thought about random things and decide to change my life and my attitude.  It happens a lot.  Call it new years resolutions(in the middle of the summer).  Today I thought about what my life would have been like had certain things in my life happened differently.  For instance, if I had never moved here to Utah.  I would have never met my husband, which means I wouldn't have this house, this life, my gorgeous kids, and so on.  Or another, if I wasn't a member of this amazing gospel I am a part of.  I wouldn't be this happy, I wouldn't have hope or faith, and I wouldn't really know what to do with my life.  These things have made me think about how I need to be better in my life.  I get in a rut sometimes and then have to figure out how to pull myself out of it.  The gospel has really helped me with this many times in my short life!!!  Anyway, I set a goal today to be better.  I know that's pretty general but really it's not.  Think about it.  In everything I do I need to do it better.  I need to be better at being active.  Maybe that just means parking farther from the entrance of a building...well, I'll do it!  I need to be better at being there for my friends.  Maybe that just means sending them little messages here and there letting them know I'm thinking of them.  Today though, I'm going to be better for my wonderful husband.  He works really hard for our little family and I appreciate that so much.  The least I can do is get ready today.  Do my hair, put on a little makeup, and dress nicely.  Not for myself at all, but so he has something nice to look at when he comes home!!!  I love you babe!!!


Leesa H said...

Sweet thoughts!!

Toots said...

I read this post awhile ago but couldn't get my comment to go through...and hopefully today it'll work! Thanks for your insight and perspective! This is so good to read. You're an amazing mother to two beautiful girls!