Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A little Ina in the Garden

When I'm in desperate need of some cooking inspiration I watch the movie 'Julie and Julia'.  So, last night I popped in that wonderful movie of mine and felt inspired.  It's like that movie makes me fall in love with cooking all over again.  I love the smells and the sizzle.  The crunch of chopping fresh produce, but most of all, I love the fact that I can take only a few simple ingredients and I can make some of the yummiest things!  So, today I took the girls to story time at the library and felt a little pull to check out the cookbooks.  I would say a good selection.  I discovered this gem!  'Barefoot in Paris' by Ina Garten(one of my favorite cooks)!  I sat in my garden and flipped the pages, meanwhile watching Remee play in the sandbox.  Sure enough, it's packed full of yummy, simple recipes. 
 Oh, what it would be like to live in Paris!  Going to the farmer's market every day for your groceries.  Nothing but bright colored food and happy farmers.  Gorgeous flowers for days.  Doesn't that sound dreamy? 
Anyway, I'll be heading to the farmer's market on Saturday and then, it's on to making some yummy, new, recipes! 

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