Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Busy Busy

Having a blog makes me realize how fast time flies.  Before I know it, it's been weeks since I last wrote on this blog and I start thinking how sad it is that I used to be so good at writing on here.  I need to be better at it.
  Lots has happened and the girls are getting bigger, which also makes me a little sad.  Jade was blessed on St. Patrick's Day, while she had a fever.  Poor thing.  I went to visit my sister in Washington and was so blessed to be able to see my niece, Kylee, be baptized.  It was beautiful and I cried like a baby!  Easter was great, and uneventful.  Remee liked all of her treats from the Easter bunny and has been sneaking candy from it ever since.  Lastly, once again I took the pacifiers away!  Only to discover that Jade, after a week, has found her fingers.  She doesn't suck on themas much as Remee but who knows...maybe she will.  I'm just not looking forward to trying to get these girls to stop one day!

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Leesa H said...

They all look cute!! Glad Jade found some comfort in her fingers!!