Thursday, November 1, 2012


I just could not get enough of my little Remee in her skeleton costume.  Yes, they are pajamas, but I thought to myself, why would I buy a costume this year when all she really cares about is the candy!  Maybe next year she can pick out her own costume...or maybe not.  Ha ha!  Anyway, I made shirts for Mike and myself and it completed our skeleton family.  We ventured over to G-ma and G-pa's house and went trick of treating with all the cousins.  Remee had a blast, and of course Mike and I got a kick out of watching Remee wait patiently for her treats after a darling "trick r freat"!  She even remembered to say thank you a few times.  Can't wait til next year!

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Kat said...

Allie - so cute. I love the skeleton baby. Thanks for sharing.