Sunday, October 28, 2012

Beach Maternity Pictures

My sister took my maternity pictures at the beach while we were in California, and I am so obsessed with these pics I could die.  I must admit it took trying on a million swimsuits to finally decide to buy whatever was cheap, because let's be real...I will never fit in that swimsuit again.  My poor boobs will collapse after nursing and my butt will go back to the normal flat self it loves to be.  In the mean time I can bask in the fact that I have a curvy woman figure and not a man stick figure like I'm used to.  Thank you so much Courtney for taking these amazing pictures for me and for being the awesome sister you are.  I love you!  Can't wait for baby girl #2 to get here!!!!  Check out my sister's website if you are interested in getting any photos taken.  She's amazing!!!


Leesa H said...

Love these pix!! Good job Courtney!!

Sarah said...

Cute! I love them. :)

Andrea said...

Those pictures are amazingly beautiful. I love them!!! You are the perfect pregnant model too. I am a friend of Courtney's...which is where I found your blog :)