Sunday, October 28, 2012

Beach Maternity Pictures

My sister took my maternity pictures at the beach while we were in California, and I am so obsessed with these pics I could die.  I must admit it took trying on a million swimsuits to finally decide to buy whatever was cheap, because let's be real...I will never fit in that swimsuit again.  My poor boobs will collapse after nursing and my butt will go back to the normal flat self it loves to be.  In the mean time I can bask in the fact that I have a curvy woman figure and not a man stick figure like I'm used to.  Thank you so much Courtney for taking these amazing pictures for me and for being the awesome sister you are.  I love you!  Can't wait for baby girl #2 to get here!!!!  Check out my sister's website if you are interested in getting any photos taken.  She's amazing!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I would normally not post something about politics.  As much as I love watching the debates and get lost in watching way too much CNN, politics is just one of those subjects that makes people's worst come out.  However, this year's election is just too important not to say anything about.  Some of you reading might be voting for Obama, and if you are please do not leave me mean messages.  I am not bashing the man, I am bashing his leadership.  My opinion?  I believe that if someone can't do what he has promised then it's time to let someone else have a turn.  That's why I'm voting for Mitt Romney. 
This clip below made me laugh a bit.  It was replayed on CNN a few days ago and I just can't help but continue to think about it.  In the video from 2008, Obama says George Bush is unpatriotic because he has raised the deficit 4 trillion dollars in 8 years.  Newsflash Obama, you've raised the deficit 6 trillion dollars in only 4 years.  Hypocritical?  I think so!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mike completed Tough Mudder

I can't tell you how proud I am of Mike.  What a huge challenge this race was and he mastered it with flying colors.  Ok...he's little bruised, but such a great job.  Way to go babe!

Disneyland and such...

Disneyland is always a good time, but this year was super busy.  I feel like we waited in line longer than we ever have.  I guess I'm just spoiled because every year we go, we usually only wait for 20 minutes max.  This year was more like 40 minutes.  Oh well.  This was our first year taking Remee for the entire Disneyland experience.  She loved every ride and every show.  She waved at pretty much every person she saw, and it was more fun to watch her experiencing the rides than it was for Mike and me riding them.  It was so wonderful spending time with family and enjoying the California sun.  When we came home, it was fall.  One of my favorite seasons... but I missed the warm sun.  We spent time at the beach(where my sis took my maternity pics...coming soon).  Remee didn't like the cold water but instead sat on a towel and watched daddy play in the sand.  We had a wonderful trip. 
Now it's back to reality.  Getting ready for baby #2 to come and 'nesting'.  There are lots of project on my list to complete before our sweet little girl comes.  So stay tuned for pictures and what nots on this here blog!

Mike was picked from the audience for one of the shows as a "bachelor" to marry the mayor's ugly daughter.  When asked if he could describe himself as an animal his response was a lion, and this was the daughter's response.  It was hilarious to watch these guys!  Luckily he was not chosen by the daughter to marry, so Mike and I are still happily married!