Saturday, September 22, 2012

Anthropologie inspired Polka Dot Jeans DIY


I have had the hardest time buying clothes lately.  Everything is so trendy, and while I love all of the styles, I hesitate buying them and spending all this money when they will probably be out of style by next year.  So my solution is to make it on the cheap.  I saw a tutorial for these polka dots pants on pinterest.  The originals are from Anthropologie and are super expensive(for me to spend anyway).  So I decided to take inspiration from the tutorial(which used jeans from target $22.00 and a bleach pen $3.00) and from the originals from Anthro and put my own spin on it.  I found these jeans from Forever21 $10.80 and fabric paint $2.00 to start my project.  I used the end of an unused eraser to make my polka dots, and eyeballed the pattern.  I think they turned out adorable.  And for only about $13.00...who cares if they go out of style next year?




Leesa H said...

OMG! You are so creative!! Those are darling pants!! Remee needs some matching ones now! Ha!

K-R-C-D said...

They look fantastic. Nice job! I want to make some so bad right now!

Kayla said...

this is seriously adorable! if I had the time and patience! they turned out way cute!