Saturday, August 11, 2012

Camping and such

Every year we go camping with the salon.  This year was lots of fun.  I didn't get much sleep, but relaxing in the outdoors is well worth it.  Remee had lots of fun...getting dirty of course.  I decided to give her a bath...which she loved, and then slept like an angel that night.  I enjoyed wearing my flip flops with festive socks and eating at all hours of the day!  Now we are still recuperating and dealing with a little cough and cold.  Poor little Rem is sicker than a dog.  She decided yesterday that she wanting to watch her shows in her old car seat.  My, how she has grown!


Kat said...

So fun. she's getting so big. Love the tub. =) Where did you go?

Leesa H said...

She is so funny!!