Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Utah's on FIRE!!!

As many of you know, I already have a strong disliking of Utah.  I'm a fan of water and temps below 90 degrees.  I yearn for lakes and oceans within minutes of each other.  I dream of tall evergreens and walks on the pier.  What I do not wish for is fire after fire after fire after fire!  We need some freakin rain here people!  My lungs can't handle any more of this smoke and dry heat.  I have had enough of sleepless nights because of coughing!  I'm in favor of a national rain dance!  Call in the Native Tribes and teach us something about talking to the rain spirits or something.  Come on Heavenly Father...I know you can make it rain!!!!

These are pictures of the fire that just started near American Fork canyon.  Thanks to the stupidity of people and their need for fireworks we are in for a few more days of smoke and no outdoor fun.  Talk about a red zone air day right?

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