Thursday, July 19, 2012

I need advise!

As some of you know our renters finally moved out.  I am thrilled just to have more space and to finally feel like I can use my entire house!  Problem is...our basement stinks.  It stinks like dog...wet dog, dog pee, and ok it's just stinky.  We've already had the carpets cleaned(which I'll never go with whoever cleaned them ever again.  They didn't help the stench, just made it worse...but our renters chose the carpets cleaners), nothing seems to help.  Does anyone know of some miraculous something that will get rid of this smell?  I'm really getting annoyed.  Please help!

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Sheri Kowallis said...

Hope the smell is gone by now. It usually takes a lot of circulating air and a few weeks for it to completely dry, then things will smell better. Hang in there!!! Nothing (well, almost nothing) smells worse than wet carpet :D