Tuesday, June 19, 2012

As of Late...

Being a mother comes with it's agenda, especially when it's warm outside.  Remee is always wanting to go outside, and with it being unbearably hot for a pregnant person the pool or any place there's water is where we end up passing the time.  I have loved watching Remee enjoy the Riverwoods' Splash Pad.  She could spend hours there, and she always throws a fit when we leave...which a great sign of her having fun!
My sister was able to come out for the weekend to shoot my friend, Melanie's, wedding.  It was such a hot day and almost no shade to take pictures in, but my sis made it work and the pictures turned out really beautiful(well at least the few that I have seen look awesome).  While my sister was here Mike was running the Ragnar race, so Courtney and I had tons of time to spend with each other.  We always have a good time.  We ate lots of yummy food and stayed up way to late chatting and giggling.  I miss my sis already!  And hello, how cute is my brother?

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Kat said...

She is so cute. Love your little tummy! Thanks for the glimpse