Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mighty Mango Smoothie

 This smoothie honesty tastes like the Naked brand's Mighty Mango smoothie, which is my all time favorite.  I had to figure out a yummy smoothie involving mangos (considering they are only .77 cents at Sunflower Market this I bought a giant bag of them).  Only 5 ingredients and I promise you'll love it!

Mighty Mango Smoothie:
1 c. Orange Juice
1 medium ripe mango (peeled and pitted...I like to squeeze the remaining juice from the pit too)
1/2 frozen banana
4-5 frozen strawberries
1-2 T. honey (depends on how sweet you like your smoothies)

Blend it all up and drink til your heart's content!  As you can see I quite enjoy mine!

In other news...I've resulted to the rubber band to keep my pants up.  They are all a little too tight now and my maternity pants are still too big.  I'll be sporting this trend for a while!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A little of this and that!

It's really starting to feel like a great mix of Spring and Summer.  Lots of activities and awesome weather are all exciting news in our book.  That, and I'm feeling so much better.  Amazing how you pass that 12 week mark and your body snaps out of  pregnancy funk.  Anyway, Mike is on a softball team this year that he loves.  It's all the way down in Spanish Fork, which normally wouldn't be so bad, but the construction means you have to leave a little over an hour before the game starts to get there on time.  They've won 2 out of 3 games, and Mike's the pitcher!  It's actually nice to go watch the games and bring back memories of my childhood.  I grew up loving and rooting for the Seattle baseball has a sweet spot in my heart.

Our dear friends got us the Pass of all Passes for Mike's birthday a while back, and for FHE we went to Trafalga and golfed.  Mike's a pretty good putter but I suck so we really weren't keeping score.  More for my benefit.  Remee had more fun carrying around her golf club than anything.  It was like her little walking stick.  I will say, I got a hole in one twice which won me a 10 minute back massage from Mike...which I think I'll redeem tonight!

We played in the pool yesterday cause it was blazing!  This is truly what Remee's hair looked like after waking up.  The back of her hair was flat as a pancake and mushed into the worst knots I have ever seen.  That's when I hope bath time at night will wash out the knots...and it did!

Today we had a play date with cousins, Charlotte and Story.  They are all hilarious to watch play together...and so wiggly.  I was trying to get some pictures of them and was unsuccessful most of the time due to blurry faces and closed eyes!  Better luck next time!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

12 weeks pregnant!

I had my 12 week Dr's appointment yesterday and it went really well.  I didn't know I was going to get an in office ultrasound but I was thrilled to see little baby!  Little one is getting so big.  The heartbeat was strong and Dr. said everything looks great.  I can't wait to meet this little kid!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I am so blessed...

This last week has been rough for me.  I got sick with a cold and was not up for doing much.  Luckily my Dad and Step mom were still here to help me out with Remee while Mike was working but when they left my wonderful hubby stepped in to take over so I could rest.  I think about all the times I have needed help in the past, not just when I'm prego, and he is always willing to help.  He rarely hesitates to run errands for me or get me whatever I might be craving that day.  He asks me all the time if there's anything he can get for me or do for me.  I am so filled with gratitude for having him in my life.  He is such a wonderful daddy and hubby I couldn't be more thankful!  The other day he came home with a bouquet of flowers 'just because'!  That lifted my spirits.  Then, yesterday I was having some really bad round ligament pain in my tummy and Mike was more than willing to get dinner and get Remee ready for bed while I laid around in pain.  He went and got me a drink and was just such a sweetheart.  Thank you, Mike, for all you do for me and Remee.  You make our lives the best!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Secret pics taken!

 Crazy pictures are taken when my dad gets a hold of my camera in the morning!

Papi and Nona come to visit

This last week has been wonderful having my dad and step mom come to visit.  They are always a lot of fun to be around.  My dad's a jokester, so there's never a dull moment around that guy!  One of the days they were here we went to Thanksgiving Point's farm place (can you tell I don't know what it's called).  Remee loved walking around and looking at all the animals.  It was fun to watch her feed the goats and make all the animal sounds.  I loved seeing the horses.  They are so incredibly peaceful and yet so large it's hard to not feel like they'll run you over!  We had tons of fun!