Monday, March 12, 2012

Catching up...sort of

These last couple of months have flown by!  Lots of bridal showers and lots of chasing a toddler around.  Not to mention, the cleaning house, trying to make more dinners at home, and now working in the yard.  We've had fun though.  I actually enjoy my time more when there's a whole lot to do.  This last month was one of really no picture taking.  Sorry there are only a few to share.  Remee loved the snow, and anytime she sees it anywhere she points it out and says 'aknow'.  When the sun comes out so do the sunglasses, and Remee wanted to be apart of it.  I'm not sure why kids put sunglasses on upside down but hey it still works.  I mentioned bridal showers before.  My friend Mel is getting married in June and I'm throwing her bridal shower.  Here's the invite I made, and I think it turned out so adorable!

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Kat said...

She's the cutest. Love ya!