Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh Remee...

Sweet little Remee had her 18 month Dr's appointment on Monday and she was on one. Usually she does pretty good but this time she cried when she got weighed, she cried when they measured her head, she cried when the laid her down. In fact, the only time she didn't cry was when the Dr. was listening to her heart. She sat there quietly and looked at the Dr. like he was the boogy man. Anyway, the Dr. finally said that she's growing well, she's just petite(I could have told him that). She weighs in at 18 lbs. 12 oz. and is 31'' long. She's hitting all her milestones, and she's getting quite a sense of humor.
On Tuesday we took Remee to see the Santa at the Riverwoods. Which is the best one... why? IT"S FREE! You have to wait in the cold but you can take your own camera and snap pictures whenever you want. Here's Remee with Santa. She wasn't so sure about the whole idea!

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Kat said...

she is the cutest!!