Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm BAaack!

After weeks and weeks of our computer being dumb, we finally got it all fixed and hooked up the Internet. Now, I can start working on getting photos uploaded and getting this blog of mine all updated.
We have had so much going on these past few weeks. We are building the new location for the salon in American Fork, and hopefully it will be up and running VERY soon.
This last week, we took our annual trip to Disneyland for some R&R and family time. I enjoyed every minute of it. I miss my family so much I can hardly stand it. Remee LOVED Disneyland! I was amazed at the different experience I had this year as apposed to last. This year was our first year taking Remee with us to Disneyland and to be honest I was a little hesitant. I mean she's only about a year and half and I wasn't sure if she would enjoy herself or just be overwhelmed and scared. Well, she definitely loved it, and I found myself loving that she was loving it too. Instead of enjoy the rides and looking around I found myself constantly watching her to see her reaction. She would dance and giggle and be completely in awe at the same time.

During our trip to California we also got to go to the Conan show. It was really cool to see how everything was done 'behind the scenes'. In fact, if you watch the show on October 20th you will see me in the audience. I finally got my 15 minutes(more like 5 seconds) of fame. Lucky me. That, and I'm pretty sure Conan looked right at me. Cool.
Anyway, busy times! I'm glad I can finally get beck to blogging. Hopefully I'll be better at updating. In the meantime, here are a few photos to enjoy.


Jami said...

Remee is getting so big! She looks so different from the last pictures you posted. Sheesh, we really need to move back to Utah!

Kat said...

Disneyland... whenever I think of it, you come to mind. Happy belated birthday!