Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Craft Night!!!

Thursday August 18th

7:00 pm

(it's project runway night you know we'll be watching)
I am so excited for this craft night. I spent a lot of time figuring out what I wanted to make and here are a few photos of what I'm planning to make! They are all things that I can keep Remee entertained with...she loves jewelry! The best part is...I'll be supplying everything. All you have to do is come. If you are going to be there just let me know so I have enough things for everyone! Give me a shout out in the comments or e-mail me at so I can give you the address. See you there!


P+B said...

bah.. I'm so bummed I don't live there anymore. I LOVE craft nights! Hope life is well miss Allie, miss ya!

Kory and Rachael said...

i'll be there if i can get the hang of things having a kid and all :)