Sunday, July 31, 2011 of late!

I can't even believe that Remee is almost 14 months old. It really does blow my mind how fast time flies. My love for this tiny human is indescribable. Sometimes I look at her and start to cry with the amount of love that overflows within me. She has this silly personality! She tries to make you laugh and talks all the time. She loves to tell stories and copy everything you do. Here are a few things we absolutely love about Remee(the list grows every second)

  • She loves music and dances to almost anything. If you tell her to dance she'll do it for you! She swings her arms all around and bounces to the beat. It's adorable!

  • When she eats, every bite is followed by 'mm mm'. It's like she took notes from 'What About Bob'.

  • She loves making noises with her tongue. She clicks and wiggles it all around to make any weird noise possible.

  • She gives kisses. I could get kisses from this girl all day. I absolutely LOVE it and think it's hilarious. She opens her mouth wide and sticks her tongue out to greet your lips.

  • She puckers her lips a lot.

  • She loves to feed everyone. Whether it's Raven or myself she takes whatever she's eating and stretches out her hand to give you a bite. She gets a kick out of it.

  • She loves to open the entertainment cabinet and take all of the DVDs off the shelves and throw them on the floor.

  • She takes a few steps on her own from person to person or object to object. Her tiny wobbly body is so cute to watch!

  • She loves to cuddle with Daddy. Sometimes it only lasts 2 minutes but I think it's the sweetest thing ever!

  • She is obsessed with her Bumbo. She likes to crawl in it and sit down and wiggle herself out and do it all again. Who knew that would become a toy?

  • She loves to place her blocks and alphabet letters into cups and bowls and pitchers, then dump them all out and do it again. I'm proud to say she's already learning to clean and she'll be tidy just like her momma! Ha ha

  • She loves her baths! She splashes around in the bubbles and scoots around. Although she hates to get her hair shampooed.

  • She likes to play chase. She'll start to get away from you and you'll say 'I'm gonna get you' She gets really excited and giggles and tries her hardest to crawl as fast as she can to get way.

  • She has one tiny tooth. She plays with it with her tongue.

We are just so grateful to have her around. I fall deeper in love with her everyday!

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Leesa H said...

Oh she can wear that cute little dress! I'm so glad. She is just adorable! Give her a kiss from G'ma Leesa!