Thursday, July 21, 2011

My baby essentials

I know quite a few people having their first baby and I can't help but think...'Yeah, all the onsies and blankets and burp clothes are definitely important but what about the things people don't tell you they can't live without?' Well, I am here to help you out a bit. Obviously what you might need may be different from what I needed but these will definitely help you in times of trouble!
The first time Remee got multiple shots I didn't even think to get anything to help with the pain. Hours after she got her shots she was still in so much pain that she wouldn't let me nurse her. I couldn't hold her, touch her, change her....nothing. She just was not feeling good. I remember calling my Visiting Teacher, crying, because I didn't know what to do to help Remee. She was an angel and came to my rescue with this, liquid gold. I gave Remee the dose, filled up the bathtub with warm water, and sat in the tub with her to nurse. It was pure relief from an unhappy baby and a worried mommy. It's the only thing that will calm her down after shots! (the dr. will tell you how much to give them depending on their weight)

Not sure I could live without this! Remee is the fussiest baby when she's teething and this saved us! It would help her finally fall asleep and settle after screaming and screaming and screaming!!

This saline spray works wonders on cleaning out all the junk that comes with a stuffy nose. I will say it's not so fun trying to hold your baby down to use this though. It's a two man job! But what a difference it makes...especially right before bed!

Along with the spray, this goes hand in hand to help relieve cold symptoms so the baby can sleep well. It smells nice, it's all natural, and babies loved to get their tummies rubbed. I give Remee a warm bath, clear out her nose, and then rub this on her chest. She's happy sleeping and I'm happy resting in silence!

I hope this helped some of you first time mommies or maybe some of you that need some advice for your older ones.

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Calee said...

My favorite baby item was the BUMBO. Ary loved it too!
How are you, BTW? I thought of you the other day when we signed up for Netflix. Just in time for a price hike, jeez! When it changes next month I think we'll just do the streaming shows, what about you?