Sunday, July 31, 2011

Movie Reviews

This will be a quick review because I don't have much time and there are a lot of movies to review. Here we go!
(4 stars)
I am loving the idea of redoing some of these classic stories and making them into movies. This one was totally unexpected. I had no idea how this movie was going to end. They had a pretty good cast and it was just really well made!

(5 stars)

Is it even surprising that this movie got 5 stars? I was blown away at how good this movie was. My favorite thing was how all the wizards stood up for Harry and defended him. I felt like I was the mom of all the wizards and I was so proud of them for their courage. I know that sounds like I am totally crazy! Oh well. I loved this movie and I'm so sad that it's the last!

(4 stars)
Every time I hear Gwenyth Paltrow sing I am blown away at her talent! Her voice is like butta! Such a beautiful story about passion, love, and music. It rekindled my love for country music(something I NEVER listen to anymore). I will say...the ending is sad so be prepared!

(no stars)
Yes, I can give a movie no stars...that's how dumb it was. Maybe I have changed since becoming a mom but the rude humor is not funny to me anymore! I was disgusted almost the entire movie. Talk about 2 hours of my life I will sadly never get back!

(3 stars)

I was impressed. The plot was so intriguing. I had no idea what was going to happen and where this movie was going but I was hooked. A great action film for sure!

(5 stars)

How could I not give a great rating for this movie? It was just so adorable! Believe it or not I took Remee to go see this and she watched about the first 10 minutes and then decided all she wanted to do was crawl up and down the stairs the whole time. I, at least, enjoyed the movie. I had a few good laughs and... I'll probably buy this when it comes out. Remee will love it, I'm sure, in like a year or so!

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