Thursday, June 9, 2011


I think my little Remee is finally teething. Her gums are red and a little swollen and she is not happy about it. That's we are, 1 year old now, and still no teeth. So, any advice on how to keep her happy?


The Bowldens said...

yay! she will look so cute with some little teeth!
i would put some oragel on her gums. they also have these little pellets that you put under her tongue that is supposed to help. my kids never had issues teething, so i am not much help. sorry. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Jami and Scott said...

Bayles was a TERRIBLE teether. So, when he wouldn't stop screaming and I couldn't take it any more I would either give orajel, tylenol, or put him in his crib for a while until we both got it back together :) Good luck!