Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rachael's Baby Shower

About a month ago, I threw a baby shower dinner for my sis-in-law Rachael and her tiny fetus, Charlotte. It was a gorgeous day so we had the party outside in the yard. The turnout was awesome, only a few people couldn't come, and Rachael got a lot of cute gifts. We ate spaghetti, salads, and yummy garlic bread. Dessert was my attempt at making cake pops. They were yummy but not so pretty. I now know the trick to dipping them correctly(better late than never right?). All in all it was a great shower for a much deserving lady and her babe. Rachael, you are going to be an awesome mommy! Thanks to my sis, Courtney, for taking all the pics! Rachael, I'll get you your CD ASAP!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Bizz!

Metropolitan Salon in American Fork is now... Relik Salon and Spa. That's right, Mike has his very own salon! We are so excited for the change! Come in and visit us. Follow us on twitter and facebook to get updates, giveaways, and special discounts! Check out the blog... it's a work in progress people!!!

Remee's 1st Birthday Bash

Remee's party was so fun. She enjoyed every second of it. She ate almost everything in sight and it was so fun to see her get excited about the food, her presents, and even her candle (she tried to grab the flame). It makes me look forward to her next birthday and seeing more excitement!
We threw her a little BBQ party. We had chocolate cupcakes for dessert that were decorated with ants and bees(cause they are present at BBQ's right?) and they were not only cute but yummy too. Remee got lots of fun gifts and couldn't contain herself from shoving every one of them in her mouth. Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who got Remee gifts.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Mike and I, and some girls from the salon, headed down to Vegas last weekend for a hair show. We had a lot of fun. Sadly, we had to leave Remee. She stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Kowallis and had so much fun, I'm sure, but we missed her terribly.
We walked a lot!!!! My child bearing hips, and old lady ankles are hurting, but it was a relaxing and enjoyable trip. Here we are at the Bellagio Gardens. It was carnival themed, and it looked and smelled wonderful!
We also went to see the Jabbawockeez. The show was outstanding! In fact, I would probably see it again. However, I'm dying to see a Cirque show but they are so expensive!!! Maybe next year?

This is a weird pic but I painted my toes a new color before we went to Vegas and I'm obsessed with the color. It's from Essie and it's called Absolutely Shore. Go get it!!!

Now that we are home, I'm tired, Remee is cranky(poor thing is breaking in a can see/feel it), and there's laundry to do. Got to get to it!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tiny Toes

Matching polish for mom and babe! How cute are those tiny little feet?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Giveaway at Soel

Check it out here! You'll want it as bad as I do!!!

Update on Remee

Our little Remee is ONE(I'll post birthday pics someday soon)! I can't believe how fast a year goes by. This time last year Remee was a tiny, little, helpless nugget and now she's got this personality to fill a room. She keeps us on our toes and entertained! Here are a few things about Rem Rem.

  • She weighs 15 lbs. 15 oz. and measures 28 inches long.

  • Anything that makes a noise when shaken, pressed, or thrown is her new favorite thing.

  • Her vocabulary has expanded to saying da da, ba ba, na na(we don't know what it means but she says it a lot...maybe it means no?), and ma ma(this isn't me she calling for though, she just says ma ma a lot for no reason)

  • If you ask her where her da da is she will go try to find him.

  • When asked to say ma ma she will then say da da. It's hopeless, she will never know who I am!

  • She loves being outside. She will sit in her stroller quietly while I get things done.

  • My sister got her a little Maraca for her birthday and she will sit with it forever and shake that thing like crazy.

  • She loves to bang on windows.

  • Still begs for food.

  • Enjoys long walks on the beach and sipping virgin margaritas while watching the sunset. (ok that's just a joke people...she can't walk yet and for sure can't figure out how to work a straw!)

Here's Remee with a new trick that daddy taught her. It's hilarious, but I'm not happy about it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free on itunes!

Go to itunes right this instant and download the free song this week. 'Miss Me' by Andy Grammer. You will love it I'm pretty sure about it.

Modern Family

Due to my sickness, I had plenty of time to finally finish Modern Family Season 2... thanks to Hulu! I have come to the conclusion that Phil Dunphy is my favorite character. He reminds me a little of my dad I think. He's strange, funny, always trying to be buddy buddy with his kids, makes an effort to be 'cool' (episode with the striped hoodie), and he really loves his family. All characteristics of my daddy. So, the question is....

who is your favorite character?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gingery Carrot Soup

I found a recipe a while back in one of the magazines I get for this soup. I thought it sounded delicious, but who wants to make soup on a hot summer day? So I set it aside in my giant pile of 'recipes I want to try' and forgot about it. Well, since all of us here in the Kowallis household are sick I thought it was a perfect time to whip me up some yummy soup. I made a few substitutions in the recipe so it would turn out how I wanted it to. Enjoy!

Gingery Carrot Soup
by Allie Kowallis

1 sweet onion chopped
1 lb. carrots, peeled and sliced thinly
1 1 inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced thinly
4 cups chicken broth or veggie broth
1 tsp. curry powder (optional but I highly recommend it)
1 c. whole milk or heavy cream
1 T. butter

Heat EVOO in a saucepan over medium heat. Add chopped onion and sweat. Do not brown the onion or else it will not blend properly. Season with a dash of s&p.
In a separate pan, boil carrots, ginger, cooked onion, and broth. Boil for 15-20 minutes or until tender.
In a blender add the milk and butter. Add a ladle full of the hot veggies (so the milk won't curdle) to the milk and stir to temper the milk. Continue to add ladle by ladle until all the veggies and broth are in the blender. Put the lid on and blend away. If you have to do this in batches that's fine too. Once the mixture is creamy and smooth add in s&p to taste and curry powder. Enjoy. You can serve this with a dollop of sour cream, but I don't.

This recipe is delicious, even Remee loved it!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I think my little Remee is finally teething. Her gums are red and a little swollen and she is not happy about it. That's we are, 1 year old now, and still no teeth. So, any advice on how to keep her happy?

Hike to Timp Cave

This was my third time hiking up to the caves but for my Mom and Remee, it was a first. For Mike...I'm sure he's hiked up to the caves somewhere in the teens, but obviously no one is keeping track. Anyway, I must say that my Mom was a trooper. It's a steep hike and she did an awesome job. Remee was lazy and was happy being that! Almost everyone who was hiking down had to mention that Remee had it made, strapped on, in her Moby wrap all comfy. I will also admit, I was jealous. We had a good time though, although I think my Mom will never do that hike again!

Getting back into the swing of things

With being out of town for a week and then returning to have family over, things have been a little hectic, to say the least. Now our home is empty and quiet and I'm bored, so I thought now would be a great time to blog. That and the fact that I'm sick with some kind of allergy, stuffy nose, giant zit, and no energy. There's no better time to sit down and blog about it right? So a few weeks ago Remee and I headed down to California, with my sister and her kids, for my Aunt's funeral and my Grammy's 90th birthday bash. It was a happy and sad trip. We played in the pool, soaked up the sun, enjoyed stacking and eating blocks(well Remee did) and spending some much needed time with family. I miss my family so much! Can't wait to see you all again soon!

My darling little Rem Rem is adorable in her 2010 addition bikini from Target for only $5.00. The bottoms only fit her when her diaper is water logged. But man is it flattering with that cute little belly and chunky little legs. She sports a yellow shovel to match her outfit.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Taking a Break

Due to some emotional things going on in our life, I will be taking a tiny break from writing on the blog! Talk with you all soon!