Saturday, April 16, 2011

A seriously busy day

With it being a gorgeous day outside, I decided to get some things done around the house. Nice weather is always a motivator for me. I cleaned the kitchen like no one's business, organized my junk drawer, and so much more. Then I ventured to mow the lawn. That was a lot harder than I remember it being back in high school (which was seriously the last time I mowed the lawn...I'm spoiled). I did the laundry only to discover that our dryer isn't working for some reason, so my house is covered in drying clothes. Socks, pants, and millions of tiny little outfits from Remee are dangling from our stair case to lampshades. I'm so grateful for living in the modern day and grateful for working appliances. All that and I still had time to go out and buy a much needed swimsuit. I've been using the same one for over 5 years now and figured it was time to get out and upgrade. I'm totally in love. If you are looking for a great swimsuit then go to Called To Surf, down in the Riverwoods. They have TONS of cute styles for any budget. Here's the one I chose. The thing I like about it best? It's reversible. So really it's like I got two swimsuits in one. Check out Maaji Swimwear! They have the cutest swimsuits ever! You must also see their sandals. To die for!!!

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