Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Old News

I say it's old news because it happened weeks ago, but it's been busy around these parts! Remee has finally started pulling herself up to her feet. I swear she could do it a long time ago but she's so wobbly I think she was afraid of herself not being able to keep herself up. Remind me why we clothe babies when they look so dang cute in their diapers? Mike and Brandon tore the car port, and awning down...finally. I have hated that thing since the day we moved in. Our yard looks so much bigger now that it's gone and we get so much light in our windows. I'm in love with the results. We are also getting new siding up this week. I would try to explain how happy I am about that but there aren't any words! I'll be posting pictures soon...I hope! I have started my garden again. It's funny how growing seeds makes me so excited! My peas are sprouting and I have started my heirloom tomatoes indoors. Their little leaves have me jumping for joy. So that's that. I'll try to be better at updating now that the workers are gone!


Jami and Scott said...

Oh! I'm so excited to see pictures of the new siding! And to see all the changes in person this winter.

The Bowldens said...

remee is so gorgeous, i seriously cant stand it! i cant wait to see you guys next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love that the carport is gone! it does look a lot better and cleaner. cant wait to see the "new" house when its all done!

Leesa H said...

Oh how cute that little girl is!! The house looks great too. Keep up the good work!