Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Movie Reviews

Due to the fact that I've been watching BONES for a week straight, my movie watching was almost non existent. Don't worry though. I always seem to find time to watch some!(two stars) I'm a fan of the movie Under the Tuscan Sun and thought maybe this movie would be something like that, being based in Italy and all. Well, it wasn't even close to being as good of a movie as I had hoped. It was sweet that this old lady still wanted to find her long lost love, but her grandson bugged the heck out of me. He was like one of those guys from High School that think they are way hotter and cooler than they really are. All they do is come off being arrogant, big headed, ugly, pricks. Eh, all that and it still deserved two stars. Maybe I just like Italians! Rated PG: stupid British boy who thinks he's hotter than he really is. (two stars) The only reason this is getting two stars is because there were some pretty funny lines, other than that, it was lame. Sometimes I wonder if people sign up to do these movies because they are running low on cash and need money fast! You make millions a movie people, be more frugal!!! Rated PG-13: sexual content and the desire to commit suicide while watching this lame movie! (one star) I watched this movie because my mom had said she saw a part of it while working and said it might be good. Well, not so much, and that saddened me because I love Kathy Bates. Just another one of those movies where Mormons are misrepresented! Rated PG: sexual innuendos (four stars) This movie is up there with Pride and Prejudice! The love story between these two is adorable. Their love is so humble and innocent. I just loved every minute of it. Enough said! Rated PG-13: sensual kissing scenes! (four stars) I really didn't see the ending of this movie coming at all. Mike can usually guess what will happen and I think he was even stumped! It was really interesting. I was one the edge of my seat, eating my delicious popcorn by the handfuls, and downing root beer, the whole time. And I must say again in reference to Jake... he's nice to look at for 2 hours! Rated PG-13: violence, language

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The Bowldens said...

you crack me up! i love your ratings! lol

i also must add i also adore young victoria! totally one of my faves!!!