Saturday, April 30, 2011

Catching up

A lot has been going on around our house lately and that means this poor blog gets neglected. I at least try and update every week!
The siding is up on the house and the yard is almost finished. I spent the week laying down mulch around all of my newly planted perennials and shrubs. One of the vines I bought already died, thanks to the surprise snow we got earlier this week. Good thing I bought it at Home Depot cause they have a one year guarantee.
We have been hooked on shows playing on Netflix. Prison Break, Lie To Me, and Psych(which I found out that I don't like) just to name a few. It's a nightly enjoyment, and thanks to Netflix, our DVR has been neglected. I mean, I didn't even watch Glee til Thursday. Crazy I know.
I finally got around to deep cleaning my house. The baseboards are clean and every inch of my house has been vacuumed, steam cleaned, and scrubbed. I washed every window and then Raven came and snotted on them all. Dogs these days.
Remee is hilarious. Everyday she discovers a new noise she can make or a new trick. This week she figured out a way to crawl over her barrier to the kitchen. (Remember the red tool boxes?) It's the funniest thing to watch her wiggle her way over them.
All of that, and the fact that it's May tomorrow makes this month just a fart in the wind. This year is already going by too fast. Although I can't wait til summer.

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