Saturday, April 30, 2011

Allergies and such

Remee is a lot like mommy in most ways. A new one we have discovered is her allergies. She's had a snotty nose for the past week, just like me. Sneezing and a runny nose are the one thing I hate about this time of year. Soon it will all be over. In other news, Remee had her first taste of licorice. If you can't tell from the pic below, she quite enjoyed it. She was entertained for an hour, and covered in red, sticky slobber. Also, while "helping" me in the yard, Remee decided to take a lick of dirt. She was not a fan. She made a funny face and kept smacking her lips. I guess she'll stick to more domestic human food for now.

That's a snot bubble, by the way.

We bought this swing for Remee to hang on our tree in the backyard. She loves it!!! Since the leaves aren't on the tree yet, the sun is always in her eyes, so I decided to bring out the diva in her and slide on her most dazzling shades. Surprisingly enough she didn't mind at all and kept them on the whole time.

The other day we watched a friend's little girl, McKinnley. We took the girls to the Provo Beach Resort, down at the Riverwoods, and let them play for a while. Remee just crawled around of course, but McKinnley had a lot of fun going down the slide and climbing over the jungle gym. I wanted to take Remee on her first ride down the slide and well, McKinnley, at the last minute, decided to join us.


Leesa H said...

Sorry I spazzed out on my comments! I noticed spelling errors after I posted. I said, Nice snotty nose!! It sounds like Remee says yeah when you ask if she is having fun on the swing! She is so advanced! Ha

The Bowldens said...

that snot bubble is HILARIOUS!!! i LOVE the videos allie! i cant wait to see you guys next month!!!!