Saturday, March 26, 2011


My little Remee is growing up so fast. I can't believe she is almost 10 months. Maybe part of that is that she looks like a 6 month old. Anyway, I enjoy everyday with this little girl of mine. She definitely keeps me on my toes. Here are a few things about my lady.

  • She is turning into a Daddy's girl. She used to love me and cling to me but that was back when I was breast feeding, now that I've dried up she's all about her Da-Da
  • She loves to explore around the house. I have to keep the doors closed to our rooms or else she'll be off in two seconds and into something.
  • She loves to pull my magazines off the side table and rip them into shreds. I let her cause I think it's adorable. Only 9 months old and she already loves fashion mags or hates them...I'm not quite sure at this point.
  • Raven is her best friend. She crawls all over her. Luckily Raven is the best dog ever and could care less.
  • Remee loves any toy that makes noise.
  • After she's done drinking her bottle she likes to carry it around with her and bang it on anything and everything.
  • She has discovered where Raven's bowls are and loves to splash in the water and take Raven's food and dunk it in the water. I'll be buying Raven a new bowl holder any day now so she can't get into them anymore.
  • She loves jewelry(what a girly girl). If I wear any she will be sure to find it and yank on it. I haven't been wearing any for that reason.
  • Still no teeth
  • she weighs about 15 lbs, which is small for her age. She's in the 1 percentile. The Dr. was a little worried, but I see how this girl eats, and I know she's just built like me. She'll be in a back facing car seat til she's 7 years old at this rate!

I tried giving Remee a sippy cup and it was not a good experience. She hated that thing. I don't know if it's just that she doesn't know how to work it or what, but you can see for yourself that she is anti-sippy cup! I think I will try again when she has teeth...which is who knows how far away.

We now have two beggers. Raven we got used to and now we can just tell her to go lay down and she will leave us alone, but Remee... she will just scream at you until you give her something. It's funny because she will beg whether she is hungry or whether she just ate. We have learned to always have a little something around for her when we are eating.

While in Seattle, Kylee really wanted to help feed Remee. She was such a good helper. I had to tape this because it just made me laugh. I know the quality isn't really good, but if you can watch Kylee's mouth, I think you'll get a good giggle out of this video too.


Leesa H said...

What I see is that the child has trained the parents. When she screams, they feed her! Good luck!

The Bowldens said...

lol! i love how remrem begs for food. i think its hilarious!