Friday, March 4, 2011

My wonderful DI find!!!

I went for a DI run today searching for chairs for my new dining table project when my wondering eye spotted these beauties. Tiny Toms size 7T, never been worn, and still have the Nordstrom stickers on them. And the price? $4.00!!! I couldn't believe it. These usually sell for almost $40.00. It was definitely my day for good finds cause not only did I find shoes for Remee to wear(in like 2 years *boo*) but I found 4 great dining room chairs for $60.00! Way under my budget. Happy day!


Leesa H said...

What dining room table project?? What are you doing? Good find though.

Jami and Scott said...

Oh, you are lucky. And I am jealous of your cute, new $4 shoes!