Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Movie Reviews

Not too many this week, but thanks to my wonderful sis-in-law, Rachael, Mike and I got to have an afternoon movie date. Thanks again Rachael!!! These are all rated out of 5 stars.
(four stars)
Spectacular, to say the least. From the previews I thought this movie was going to be totally different than what it turned out to be, and I love it. An interesting take on "the big man upstairs". I would go see this one again!
Rated PG-13: brief language and some sexiness

(three stars)
I would have given this movie four stars but I found out that there's a place in this movie that doesn't really exist and I wanted to go to and that made me mad, so ha!!! Only three stars for you!!! I was so impressed with this movie. I initially thought,'how in the world are they going to make a movie about a guy stuck in a canyon for 5 days interesting?' Well, they made it interesting. During this movie I tried to really put myself in this guys shoes and wow, I would have done just what he did. The emotions that this poor man went through was so raw and so real. Pain, fear, loss, anxiety, sadness, and shear anger. It's exactly what we all would have gone through had we been in his place. Brilliant job James Franco!
Rated R: language, partial nudity (no boobies or weenies), sexiness, and oh yeah seeing someone cutting off their arm. (it's not that bad though!!! People, it's the movies!!!)
(three stars)
Such a darling movie. One for the whole family to see. How anyone makes a movie with clay figurines is beyond me. Talk about talented. I loved the storyline, the humor, and the voices in the movie. Some of the voices you could pick out right away and others you knew you'd heard but couldn't put your finger on. I just loved this movie.
Rated PG: smoking and animals stealing from humans!!!
(three stars)
Through is was really interesting, it's not one I would recommend unless you are in the health care profession or you are ALL about organic and raw food. I try to be good but it's expensive and I'm not made of money! I thought this was going to be about food but it was more about vitamins and how we aren't getting the vitamins we need from our food. To say the least, I was entertained...really, I was!
Rated NA (four stars)
One of the best documentaries I have ever seen! This has changed my life forever and the way I think about water. It stars off little slow and boring but they hit you with the fact about 15 minutes in. I will never drink water from a water bottle again... well unless I'm stranded in a canyon with my arm stuck between two rocks and I'm parched! Serious, you HAVE to watch this!!!
Rated NA

By the way, today Mike asked me what a five star movie was (because it's pretty hard for me to rate a movie perfectly... it has to be awesome for that to happen) and I would have to say, just to give an example or two... Inception and Gran Torino. As a side note...the movie Frozen doesn't even get a star. It's just that bad. Don't ask, don't see!!!

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The Bowldens said...

i LOVE your movie reviews allie! by the way, i have never even heard of "frozen" before