Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Movie Reviews and other news

While in Seattle visiting my sister, we didn't watch too many movies. Actually we watched the entire second season of Nurse Jackie (which was awesome)! Not many good movies these past two weeks though... bummer!
(one star)
Cool concept, but if I could sum this movie up in one word it would be, disturbing. Too much partying and boobies for my eyes and ears to handle.
Rated R: nudity, language, blood and guts.
(one star)
I was so hoping this movie was going to be great! But... it was far from that. I loved the script, the plot and some of the actors, but what really ruined it for me was Nia. She was just awful. Her hair color, her acting. Ugh!!!
Rated PG-13: sexual content, language
(one star)
This movie was hard to watch. Really, I was just depressed the whole time. Basically the world ends and these poor people are stuck on it with the decision to live it out or kill themselves. Yeah. stupid right? Don't see this unless you are major unhappy because this movie will actually make you feel better about your life!
Rated R: violence, language, nudity, disturbing images
(two stars)
What a cool idea. Creepy for sure but cool. I was interested the whole time. The only thing that was off for me was the actors they picked. Another one of those movies that would have been better had they not picked Bruce Willis.
Rate PG-13: bad acting, language, and violence on robots.
(two stars)
Kristen Bell is the only good thing about this movie. She is hilarious. I love the story line though. Almost everyone has experienced what these people have gone through. Well, maybe not the popular cheerleaders, but pretty much everyone else.
Rated PG: bullying

In Other News

We went on a trip to Seattle for part Mike's work and part visiting my sister. We had a lot of fun. I miss Seattle and my sister already. While we stayed in a hotel the first few nights we were there we took Remee swimming. She still fits in her 3-6 month swim suit. She loved every minute of splashing around. The pool was a little cold and the hot tub was more like warm tub water, so we hung out in the hot tub with Remee and she wiggled around and splashed the whole time.
A while back, when Mike was working in Seattle, he had some ice cream from this place called Molly Moon's. Probably the most delicious ice cream i have ever had, and Remee agreed. We let her have a couple of licks of Mike's ice cream and she was in love.

We finally arrived home and had a lazy day. We spent the day in our jammies and Remee had fun playing with her toe that snuck through one of her footies. So cute!


Megan Parkes said...

Cute Allie! I can't believe how big she's getting, she's so adorable!

The Bowldens said...

i miss my baby remrem. really bad, too.