Friday, February 4, 2011

Today is double fun!

Not only is today the day Remee turns 8 months old but it's also Raven's 3rd birthday. These two are so dang cute together I could just die. Remee LOVES Raven. She gets so excited when Raven comes in the room, and loves to crawl over to her and tug on her hair. Raven, I think, loves Remee too. She'll sit next to her and watch her play. Lick her face non stop. Seriously, I have to tell Raven to go lay down to get her away from Remee's face. I think it's so sweet though. Here are some things about Remee now that's she's 8 months old.

She eats every last bit of anything I give her. She is a definite foodie.
She'll shake her head when you say no no no. She thinks it's funny... I'm being serious
Loves her baths. She'd probably stay in there til the water was cold if I let her. I swear this girl knows the difference between a toy for kids and an everyday item. She's more interested in playing with spoons, wipes, shoes, and lip gloss tubes than she is with her own toys. I refuse to buy any more toys for her. She is still in size 2 diapers.
She sleeps 12 hours a night. What a talker this girl is. Non stop yapping.
She loves to make my ears bleed buy screaming her head off anytime she wants something. I've been trying to teach her some sign language, but it's not working I guess.
She still loves Elmo. She talks to him when he comes on the TV. It's the funniest thing.

We still love everything about this little girl. I don't know what I would do without her in my life. What a huge blessing she has been to our family.
We also still love Raven, of course. She doesn't get the attention she used to but she still knows we love her. And, for her 3rd birthday this girl's getting a big, huge, delicious dog bone to chew on... for a few minutes anyway, til it's gone.

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