Saturday, February 26, 2011

Movie Reviews

So, some of these movies are from weeks ago and I forgot to put them on last weeks reviews. That, and the fact that I have had a cold calls for a lot of movie watching! Also, these ratings are out of five stars, just so you know!
(three stars)
Once again another love story from Nicholas Sparks. He's a really good writer! There's something about Amanda Seyfried that I really like. Even though she kinda has bug eyes I think she's cute! I really liked the relationship between the father and son and how everything worked out for them to patch things up. The end of the movie was a little disappointing cause it just ended... but I enjoyed the flick!
Rated PG-13: violence, and kissy kissy scenes!
(one star)
First of all, this Anna lady(Editor in Chief of Vogue) is possibly the most unfashionable person on the planet and why she has the job she has is beside me! Also, who wears sunglasses at a fashion show? Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of seeing the fabric move and the vibrant colors? I just did not like anyone in this movie and was bothered that everything was decided by this Anna! She really is a Devil and she doesn't wear Prada, she wears polos from Ralph Lauren *barf* not sure if this movie even deserves a star at all!
Rated: who cares cause I don't want you to ever see this movie!!!
(two stars)
I still can't really figure out why I didn't like this movie too much. I loved the music and the costumes, but the story line fell short. The only thing I kept thinking while watching this movie was,'That Claire Danes is really skinny'. Yeah that's how un entertained I was.
Rated PG-13: sexual references
(two stars)
Plain and simple... Seabiscuit is WAY better and the fact that I had that to compair it to just made me so bored!
Rated PG: mild language
(four stars)
So I think it's safe to say we all know how this movie really ends right? I won't spoil it for you if you don't though. I was laughing pretty much the whole movie. The kids in the movie are hilarious and so are the adults. Adam Sandler plays a plastic surgeon and what happens in his office is worth seeing the whole movie for! A great feel good movie!
Rated PG-13: sexual talk, swearing, and lots of jiggly boobs in bathing suits!
(three stars)
What and interesting movie inside the thinking of Jack Kevorkian (aka Dr. Death). I got a little bored in parts of this movie but it was so intriguing hearing his side of the story. The reasoning behind what he did and why he did it wasn't all that crazy. I, personally, don't think he should have gone to jail, but whatever! The acting was amazing! In fact I think Al Pacino should have taken away some awards.
Rated NR(it was an HBO movie): suicide
(two stars)
The moment I started watching this movie I knew I wasn't going to like it much because I absolutely despise Miley Cyrus. Although I think she did a good job of portraying a rebelled teen, wait... isn't that what she is these days anyway? A classic love story from the author Nicholas Sparks. On a side note, does anyone else not understand why this stupid Miley hasn't fixed her awful teeth? She has all the money in the world and she can't spend $6,000.00 on braces?
Rated PG: teen rebellion, kissing, and Miley's awful teeth!
(four stars)
I'll admit, though I liked this movie, I really don't understand all the hype? Is it just because everyone but me uses facebook? I personally don't like facebook, which is why I stick to the good ol' blogging world. Whoever did the casting for this movie did an outstanding job. I really enjoyed the banter between friends and how fast pace this movie was. However this did make me really scared for Remee to one day go to college. If this is how college is now, I don't even want to imagine how it's going to be in 20 years!
Rated PG-13: drug use, partying, sexual content, and a few language issues

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Leesa H said...

Oh Allie, I love your reviews! Even thought I don't go to the movies but maybe twice a year, I really enjoy the way you see them. Keep up the good work.