Thursday, February 17, 2011

Movie Reviews

I used to write movie reviews almost every week. That's just how often we used to go see movies. Well, now that we have our little munchkin in tow, we really don't get out to see movies that often. So this what I have decided, I'll still write movie reviews, but they will be for the movies that we see either at the theaters or (thanks to Netflix and Redbox) at home. Like some of you that read this blog, you probably have children or no longer can afford going out to see every movie in the theaters due to the fact it costs an arm and a leg and possibly your right eye. So, hopefully this will still be helpful in selecting the best movies to watch when you do have the time to do so.
(four stars)
This movie is the third installment of the 'The Girl Who..' movies. The whole thing is in Sweden talk but man it is worth seeing. Of course watch the first two before this one or you will be utterly lost! However, if you are not in the mood to read, wait til you are to start watching these movies cause HELLO... a lot of ready is going on here!
Rated R: Nudity, Violence

(three stars)
Pretty sure any movie that Jake is in with his shirt off I'm seeing. Ha ha. But seriously I was entertained! Great story, I never got bored... I mean who would watching Jake with his shirt off. Again... see this movie just for his hot body!
Rated PG-13: Violence... and an abundance of sweet abs and bulging biceps!
(three stars)
Ok, this movie was weird. Basically she's a skitzo! I was so lost in this movie I kept telling Mike 'I'm so not getting this'. Is it worth seeing? I would say yes. That dancing is great, the acting is wonderful, but the story is just plain freaky!
Rated R: Violence, Some serious sexual content (aka master...)
(four stars)
Who doesn't like a feel good movie? This is the second Nanny McPhee movie, and it was just as good as the first one. They always pick the cutest kids to play in these movies. Great movie to watch with the whole family. There's a part where the cutest little kid says 'ginger beer?' in his cute little British accent and I wanted to adopt the freakin kid. You will love this movie!
Rated PG: not sure why really
(four stars)
I am not a western watching gal but I fell in love with this movie. It's not for everyone. It's a little slower of a movie, but it's funny in a dry humor kind of way. If you like the Coen Brother's movies then you will love this. It's full of gun shooting, camp fires, and horse back riding. I love!
Rated PG-13: mild language, violence, and killing horses. That always makes me mad!

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