Sunday, February 20, 2011

I honestly had nothing to do with this!

I always keep a blanky down near Remee's toys cause of her spitting problem, and I guess playing with toys got a little out of hand because I watched this little one roll herself right up in her blanky! She thought it was hilarious... and so did I!!!
(last season's Valentine socks are compliments of Mrs. Herndon! Thanks mommy! I'll never run out of festive socks!)


Calee said...

So cute, I love it when they discover stuff on thier own:)
Thanks for the review post, now you've got me thinking about netflix. I am totally one of the people you are talking about with a baby/no time/no money.
Is it a one-time sign up, do you pay per movie, per day, etc..

Calee said...


Leesa H said...

How funny and cute!! She is getting so big! I'm glad you credited the socks. Ha