Tuesday, February 8, 2011

40 thoughts on The Bachelor ep. 6

  1. Oh now they decide to finally show their ages!
  2. Ashley H. drives me crazy. She's weird and always has her head tilted to the side.
  3. These girls are the same age as me? That makes me feel so old!
  4. Ok not fair, Alli hasn't had a date yet!
  5. Another chopper. Real original Brad.
  6. Who the heck is Britt? We don't care and why are you still on the show?
  7. This show really knows how to have a picnic in the middle of nowhere.
  8. It rains when you are with her because HELLO she's from Seattle. She brings the weather with her!
  9. She's not even wearing a bra. I can see her nipples
  10. I think I have that same nail polish color on right now
  11. What do you NOT hate Michelle?
  12. Pretty sure every date has been about facing fear
  13. oh calm down Michelle, it's not the end of the world... it's just repelling you idiot.
  14. She looks like she's faking it. For sure she's not scared
  15. What happened to Emily repelling? She just magically appeared on the ground below her
  16. Those hot pots are awesome. Can I come next time and make fun of all you idiots to your face?
  17. OMG... did she just admit to masturbating to the thought of Brad with his clothes off? What a perv.
  18. Group dates always end with booze and Jacuzzis
  19. Emily, haven't you learned by now to always wear waterproof mascara?
  20. Good for him to question Michelle. She's nuts!
  21. What a man, finally I'm impressed with this deadbeat!
  22. The little baby horses are following their mommies! How adorable is that?
  23. He knows that because he was here 40 million years ago!
  24. Let me guess... is there a secret picnic at the end of this cave?
  25. Ha ha!!!!! A picnic! ROFL
  26. All these girls have big boobs, that's what Brad's looking for in a future wife!
  27. Awkward...she's going home
  28. Did I just get stupider listening to this conversation?
  29. Ouch! Dinner and a dump, and I don't mean on the potty!
  30. Oh hello..... DEVIL WOMAN
  31. Get this girl a freakin vibrator. All she wants is a romp!
  32. She just has perma PMS
  33. Does she seriously have feelings? She's crying!
  34. 7 year olds play the silent game and it usually never ends in kissing!
  35. And... cue the kissing music!
  36. LIAR
  37. Britt? Seriously? You chose Britt? Who the heck is she?
  38. Wow I really thought Michelle was going home. He just picked her last to make her itch! Good for you Brad!
  39. Dang he's good with words. Really knows how to charm a lady.... that is when you're dumping her
  40. What the praying mantis? Someone was on drugs!

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