Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A visit from mommy!

Wondering where I have been? Well, Remee got sick with a cold, then my mom came to visit, then I got a sinus infection, and while I'm getting better thanks to the antibiotics I'm also still feeling yucky because this medicine gives me the "D" word! Enough said about that right? Well, here are some pics from when we went skiing up at Sundance while my mom was here. If I learned anything from that experience it was 1. Me + Ski boots = frozen and numb toes. Seriously I would go down two runs and I literally could not feel my feet. I have such awful circulation in me feet anyway and ski boots obviously make that worse, so mom and I would go into the lodge and have a water break while the blood ran back into me toes. 2. Sundance is THE place to run into not one but TWO ex-boyfriends. That's right TWO!! One of them finally got married, which was just jaw dropping because he was a total douche but I guess time can change a man.
My poor frozen feet. Not even the toe warmers could keep them warm!
Grandma feeding a much happier Remee. She was asleep most of the time my mom was here cause she felt so bad. By Sunday she felt way better and then mom left Monday morning...bummer.


Leesa H said...

Thanks for posting the skiing pix! It was fun, but my legs are still sore!

The Bowldens said...

OMG!!! I LOVE that last picture!!!!!