Monday, January 17, 2011

Best and Worst Dressed!

Prom for the stars is what I like to call all of the award shows. I'll admit, I enjoy watching the red carpet more than the actual award show! Here are a few of the best and worst dressed, in my opinion, from the Golden Globes 2011!
Olivia Wilde...isn't she gorge? I have a girl crush on her. Her character on House is who we named Remee after. Well, kinda. That's where we heard the name anyway. Love the shoes!
Kiera Sedgwick. I love this mustard color, the light, movable fabric and those awesome green earrings.
Julia Stiles. Classic one shoulder gown. Really flatters her curvy figure! Diggin' the hair too.

January Jones. WOW!!! She looks like a hooker/flapper. Awful.
Heidi Klum was dressed for the grammy's. It's not that I hated this dress it just wasn't right for the occasion. That, and the hair is blah!
Michelle Williams, this is just flower power gone wrong. A nine year old is the only person who should be wearing this patterned fabric. Ewww!


The Bowldens said...

you forgot Helena Bonham Carter... aka freaky lady! when they showed her i about dropped by pint of ice cream and shouted "what the hell?!?!??!" her shoes wernt even matching!!!

Leesa H said...

Wow! you could give Mr. Blackwell a run for his money. I'm impressed.