Monday, January 24, 2011

80 thoughts on The Bachelor ep. 4

I can't even believe I watch this horrible show... that, and I can't believe I have 80 things to say about it.
  1. Chantal... I like you, but weren't you the one who slapped him in ep. 1? That doesn't look good on your record.
  2. I think someone hit themselves on purpose for attention!
  3. Awkward silence
  4. Let's have everyone stand outside and rub it in that they don't get to go on this helicopter ride at all!!!
  5. But I'm afraid of sharks
  6. Out of the real world Brad? You already are... you just flew to Catalina in a helicopter
  7. You're going in water, not outer space
  8. Group dates suck
  9. Oh wow now you are threatening the guy?
  10. Why do these girls like this guys? He has the personality of a fork
  11. Where's the gun? I need to kill myself. This show is so dumb
  12. Oh no!!! Not heartburn...anything but heartburn
  13. Why does everything have to be about you
  14. Isn't everyone focused on Brad?
  15. I thought slapping him was hilarious
  16. "No doubt about it" classic line from Brad
  17. Good Luck Rain? She's from Seattle... it rains there 152 days a year. That's not luck... that's just the weather
  18. Wow there's some tongue
  19. More like a make out night
  20. Some one's erect!
  21. Screw Brad, you get Dr. Drew
  22. Who in the hell is Mike?
  23. Brad's next occupation is the shrink for all the bachelors in the years to come
  24. Good (Emily) vs. Evil (Michelle)
  25. Thanks goodness Dr. Drew is going to finally confront all the alcoholics on this show!
  26. Substance? Like you want bread with these women?
  27. Thank you therapist Brad
  28. She won't be getting a rose!
  29. I miss fangs
  30. I love that they ask for 2 seconds. We all know it's going to be longer than that!
  31. A hug? You want a hug?
  32. Steal him? Just be a bit** and say NO
  33. Booze in hand...a must
  34. Yeah! Michelle + Brad = nothing, cause it definitely won't last!
  35. Cause you are the devil!!!!!
  36. Go home if you can't handle it!
  37. Yeah fit... like great pair of jeans
  38. Are we 12?
  39. Yes we are cause you are wearing heart hoop earrings.
  40. Kissing is going to get he gingivitis
  41. Alright... someone fart in the water already.
  42. Take some Zoloft and get over it!
  43. How could a black eye get in the way
  44. Mmmm Mmmm
  45. I actually feel bad for Michelle for once
  46. Cat fight
  47. You could cut the tension in that room with a butter knife
  48. My eye...she is so self centered
  49. YOU understand? Wrong
  50. What is up with Brad and taking these women on dates where they have to confront their worst fear?
  51. Na it's ok... window washers do it on a daily basis
  52. Just push her off
  53. Babe? You don't even know this guy
  54. She has a crappy date. I would rather be at a carnival or Catalina
  55. So glad we have our Jansport backpacks
  56. What the gang signs?
  57. This show is too long!
  58. My heart's pounding... yeah it does that when you're living
  59. What's up with all the beds in the middle of nowhere? are they shooting a porno?
  60. She scares you cause she'll kill you in your sleep
  61. Some one's a daydreamer
  62. I have to go for s second. (meaning he has to take a #2)
  63. A rose? I didn't see that coming at all
  64. She just wants to see his weenie
  65. More present? Where was he before?
  66. This guys is crazy if her needs validation from a shrink that kissing someone is ok
  67. 1 2 3 is our thing? What the?
  68. Thanks once again therapist Brad
  69. Magical moment? It was a blanket, pillows, booze (of course), and a candle. aka a quickie
  70. Emily's already got a ring in the bag!
  71. Girls over analyse everything
  72. where's a freakin Kleenex?
  73. Giving him puppy eyes is not going to get you a rose
  74. Now ladies...these selections were picked from a hat at random
  75. what's the point in having a host for this show? All he does is tell us when there's only one rose left.
  76. No!!!!! Goodbye redhead
  77. Maybe your maternity dress was a turn off
  78. Did she just pick a weggie?
  79. Was he crying?
  80. OMG... I just want to dance. No words... this is just weird!

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Heather said...

Hahaha!! This made be laugh!!! I can't believe I watch it either, but it's like a bad car wreck, you just can't NOT look!