Tuesday, January 18, 2011

30 thoughts on the Bachelor ep.3

  1. Michelle, how can you know if some one's bad for Brad? You just met him 3 days ago.
  2. Why would you want to record a song when you both suck at singing?
  3. It's ok...I've heard worse on American Idol
  4. I'm embarrassed just watching you.
  5. How much did they have to fork over to get Seal on this dumb show? His career must be in the tank
  6. Hey more booze!!!
  7. Who she is as a woman? Like, you want to know her bra size?
  8. Yes Brad, rubbing my thigh really makes me feel a whole lot better about my dad being dead.
  9. Yum sushi
  10. What's up with this show and filming?
  11. Michelle, sorry to break it to you but you're on the Bachelor and you knew you'd be dating all of these women too.
  12. It's ok, Brad knows you're a vampire, you don't have to tell him
  13. Offensive? She just wanted to kiss the guy
  14. The life expectancy of anyone who's been on the Bachelor is 10 years shorter, and you have a really good chance of organ failure in the future (due to all the alcohol of course)
  15. crying to laughing...weird
  16. ok someone is bound to get herpes of the mouth on this show
  17. Wilty roses are what every woman wants
  18. why do they never show these people eating?
  19. Good for her overcoming her fears
  20. Wine Country? Seriously... all this drinking is making me tipsy!
  21. OMG they are eating!
  22. Yeah drink up, that will make it all better!!
  23. Brad likes a smart alec? Then he should be dating a 5 year old
  24. Finally the fangs come off
  25. Who the heck is that chick?
  26. Yeah!!!! The Redhead!
  27. Such intense music
  28. It's ok ladies, you might end up being the next bachelorette
  29. Wow, such harsh words lady!
  30. AAAAAHHHH!!!! Where do I go? So many walkways to choose from. I just want to go home! Ha ha ha

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