Monday, January 10, 2011

30 thoughts on The Bachelor

Once again... another show. I must admit I fast forwarded through some of it on my DVR cause I got sooooo bored. I feel like they really stretch things out these days. Anyway, here's what I thought about tonight's show.
  1. Who painted that mansion? Bright yellow and royal blue? Talk about design gone wrong.
  2. Brad... you walk weird.
  3. So much for doing your hair for that wonderful convertible ride. A man should know better!
  4. Oh no, watch out for those evil raccoons.
  5. Yeah, a carni and a cocktail dress. What a perfect match!
  6. Cheesy cheesy cheesy
  7. It's not a carnival without a little barf. Who's going to be first?
  8. OMG stop talking with your hands. Sooooo distracting.
  9. What the hell kind of public service announcement is this?
  10. She doesn't look like a cougar, she looks like a 40 something Utahan.
  11. Michelle=BIT*H
  12. More fangs? Seriously?
  13. Now he looks like a pimp walking down the street with 15 girls!
  14. "It's my birthday, " yeah we get it Michelle.
  15. If you are an attractive alcoholic, you should really apply to go on the bachelor. Booze is everywhere!
  16. Melissa is so desperate
  17. Peel the layers? Is he an ogre?
  18. These cat fights are hilarious
  19. Oh I'm sorry Michelle, I didn't hear you, did you get a rose?
  20. Pretty woman experience? Are you trying to say she's a hooker?
  21. Nothing more attractive than a black face mask
  22. Of all those dresses, she chose that one?
  23. Oh my gosh, your name is on a sign 1/8 the size of a normal jumbo tron
  24. What is he a psychologist now?
  25. Wow! You guys both have turkey and eggs in your fridge? What a do I! Golly don't we all?
  26. Poor Keltie... she was cute
  27. Don't these girls know that if they get voted off this show they'll soon be married with children?
  28. WA WA...we don't feel bad for you Melissa
  29. Well, back to waxing guys balls for you Raichel. Maybe you'll find a guy at work that is cleanly waxed for you.
  30. There's only one rose left... yeah we know... we can count too you know!


Megan Parkes said...

HAHAHA! I didn't even watch tonight's episode, but now I just really want to! You crack me up.

Abby Wright said...

My thoughts exactly. And really vampire teeth? I mean are those real implants? All of the girls seem quite scary to me...I even know Michelle and she still seems creepy on the show!

Shelly Bean said...

why do we watch?
because it does draw us in... somehow!