Wednesday, January 5, 2011

20 thoughts on the Bachelor

  1. You seriously think these girls are going to take you seriously after what you did?
  2. Shave your facial's distracting.
  3. Manscaping...hmm...wierd!
  4. A Utahan, that should be for some good TV. That is if she's willing to put out.
  5. How come they don't tell me your ages anymore?
  6. How in the hell is he remembering all these people's names?
  7. Lady with the kid who's fiance died...I think you are one of my favorites.
  8. A slap in the face? What producer told you to do that?
  9. OK, every comment out of that limo is, "Wow, what a beautiful dress." Is he here for the dresses or the ladies?
  10. Seriously, you are going to make him open the door for you? That's not a part of the show you idiot.
  11. Ha ha, on to getting drunk and plastered. Let the party begin.
  12. Fangs? What the?
  13. You are right, she's not here for you just publicity for those gosh awful teeth of hers.
  14. I hope Conan has you on his show when you are kicked off to make fun of those fangs of yours.
  15. These dresses, I feel like you are either at a cocktail party or the prom. Too many sequins.
  16. Let's make for a good show and give the girls a thorny rose. Now that would be good TV.
  17. Oh I am so glad you picked Ashley for the first rose...I like her too.
  18. Does being a Texan really make you that much more connected? I think not!
  19. Goodness, anyone could fall in love if you sent them to freaking The Caribbean, or Hawaii, or some other tropical place. So typical. I say you send them to the middle of nowhere where all you have is a cabin and an outhouse, no makeup, and someone has to cook for them to survive. If you can fall in love then, then you are for realzees in love!
  20. Fangs? Oh goodness, send her to therapy this instance!

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The Bowldens said...

amen to all of them. thats why i am not watching this season. looser. plus he just gives me the creeps