Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year Resolutions.

Are you one of those people who write new year resolutions? Well, I am! I like the thought of starting fresh and new every year of what I'd like to accomplish. This years goals were easy for me to write down. So here's the list for your reading pleasure...

  • Put $100.00 a month away in a savings account for Remee's future expenses. I'm guessing it will go toward school or a wedding, and dang it I better start saving up now cause who knows how much that could cost me in 20 years?
  • Some sort of exercise everyday for 20 minutes. My muscles have literally deteriorated. I'm just made of mush and bones.
  • Cook every recipe in my cookbooks so I can clear them out and get new ones. That means I'll be having giveaways for cookbooks. And let me just say...I only buy the good ones!
  • Make baby #2!
  • Grow my hair out so I can donate it to locks of love. If you know me, you know this is an impossible task. I have tried time after time to grow out my hair and it just never happens. So...I have decided to not do it for me but for someone else in need and I'm sure that will give me the dedication to do it. Oh yeah... and I do realise this is more like a 5 year goal.

So there you have it. Good Luck to me right?